33Hz is reported to be the frequency most likely to trigger a female orgasm. It was 'discovered' in 1992 when a car dealer in Daytona beach, Florida organised an experiment to find the optimal clitoral resonance using a panel of women, a tone generator and a high powered in-car sub woofer. The ideal resonant frequency varying in accordance to weight and morphology averaged 33Hz, and can be adapted for the male glans.  

Furthermore, 33 is a number of esoteric significance, present in many mythologies, numerology and secret societies. It is understood by certain Mystics to be related to energetic nodal points pertaining to the Kundalini and crystallised by our 33 vertebras.  This is referred to by certain traditions as: “sexual Alchemy.”

33Hz Sonic Orgasm is an interactive installation by Mark Wagner featuring a saddle mounted with a subwoofer and transducers for optimal stimulation and pleasure. Wagner 'plays' the chair using a blend of frequencies, sine-waves, feedback, sweeps, harmonics and dissonance.