The vibrational or wave-like nature of all things has long been sensed by the mystics, seers and shamans of all ages and is now a scientific reality. There is a well of mysterious information hinting at a prior knowledge and use of certain ‘chosen frequencies’ for purposes covering all fields of existence. Much of it is the realm of speculation and enquiry, the phenomena, however, is currently experiencing a resurgence of interest in the fields of science, music, metaphysics, healing, philosophy, well-being and recreation. This here DVD presents 9 creative works based around a set of chosen frequencies affecting the Body, Mind and Spirit and performed by a host of contemporary artists, mystics, seers and shamans.


Chosen Frequencies (for the Body, Mind, Spirit) is a DVD release on Adaadat by Mark Wagner and guests including Oli Don, Christos Fanaras, Lani Rocillo, Alex Macarte, Gordon Watson and more… The DVD features 9 audio / video works focusing around the study, use, and creative interpretation of a selection of mythical and powerful frequencies and resonance experiments. At a crossroads between sound healing, sonic ritual, experimental art and drone music, Chosen Frequencies (for the Body, Mind, Spirit) is, for the rational minded a potent enquiry into the physics of resonance and vibrational phenomena and for the more intuitive feeling can serve as an all out transportation method into alternate realms of consciousness.