Kosmik Phenomenon, constellation triangle of MW // H \\ Uiutna ~ WE ARE ONE ~ mantra Arch-Mages of astral magic and sound Mysteries, H+U+M unite the Elements, whirl and lift {stones, spacecraft bells, electronixxx…)

They abandon themselves to Alchemical practice, incantation, chanting, drones, ritual drumming, French variété ; "all things done must come undone"

From the Depths of the Deepweb they venture, voyage~voyage {{sonic explorations, interzone travels, cyphers, waves, bubbles, aux couleurs d'été eternelle..................

They invite you to soul dance - particles - envision vision division : Los...Void...Clasp...Cloud...Hands...Eye...Sea...More...INFINITY


 Photo by Leo Wagner


24/04/2016 Fat Out Fest, The Mill, Salford UK wt Kink Gong, Kuro and more...

23/03/2016  Birmingham TK

22/03/2016 Crypt of St John's, Bristol UK wt Kink Gong, Kuro

21/03/2016 Junction, Plymouth UK

20/03/2016 New River Studios, London, UK wt Kink Gong

01/08/2015 MKII, London wt Max Turner, AHRKH, Deej Dhariwal

03/04/06/2015 Woodland Gathering, Cumbria, UK wt Rolly Porter, Gazelle Twin, Gum Takes Tooth, Hugs Bison and more...

24.04.2015 Flying Duck, Glasgow UK wt Cosmic Dead, Microdeform

23.04.2015 The Mill, Salford UK wt Tim Shaw, Sebastian Piquemal, Kelly Jayne Jones

18.04.2015 Cafe OTO, London, UK wt Gnod, River Slaughter, Sam Weaver

17.04.2015 Fractal Meat on a Spongey Bone NTS radio, London

23.01.2015 Louisiana, Bristol, UK wt Vena Cava, Repo man

30.11.2014 Apiary studio, London, UK wt MAI MAI MAI, Cementimental, Graham Dunning, Sonic Rituals, Prolonged Version, Wilderfid DJ

29.11.2014 Rammel Club, Nottingham, UK wt MAI MAI MAI, Wilderfid DJ

28.11.2014 Eagle Inn, Manchester wt Gnod, MAI MAI MAI, John Doran, Wilderfid DJ

27.11.2014 Green door store, Brighton, UK wt MAI MAI MAI, Wilderfid DJ

26.11.2014 The exchange, Bristol, UK wt Silver Apples, MAI MAI MAI, Wilderfid DJ

23.11.2014 MK café, Bruxelles, BE (H.U.M. 'big band' feat. Agathe Max and Bruno)

22.11.2014 Il Palazio Antwerp BE, wt Agathe Max

21.11.2014 Vanilla Cafe, Paris, France with Ordre Etern, Coagul, Jean Ray and more...

20.11.2014 TBA Lyon, France wt Agathe Max

15+16.11.2014 Monstre Festival, Geneva, Switzerland: wt Agathe Max, Salope, Phantom Chips, Anita, Kro, Rummaging, Deej Dhariwal, Robin Foster, Henry Collins and many more...

13.11.2014 Cirque Electrique, Paris, France wt Deej Dhariwal, Salope

06.09.2014 The Crypt, Bristol UK wt The Cosmic Dead, Blown Out, Luminous Bodies

16.08.2014 Cafe Kino, Bristol UK wt Shabash, Microdeform

10.08.2014 Supernormal Festival wt Gnod, Bong, Bridget Hayden, Cosmic Dead, Luminous Bodies, MXLX and many more...

26.06.2014 Moë, Vienna Austria wt H, UIUTNA, MW, Ottaven

24.06.2014 Café v. Lesse, Prague CZ wt Fuck It Duet, Stred Svēta

22.06.2014 Radio Picnic, Berlin Germany wt Massicot

18.06.2014 Bokal Royal, Brussels, Belgium wt H, UIUTNA, MW, Tucano

17.06.2014 Palazo, Antwerp Belgium wt OS OVNI

16.06.2014 Kim's bar, Paris France wt X3, Travis Kerschen, Black Lagoya...

29.04.2014 The Island, Bristol UK wt Lightning Glove, Michael O'Neil, Giant Swan, XXX Tippexx ++*

13.04.2014 Apiary studios, London UK ZamZam all-dayer with Salope, Cementimental + bipolar Joe, Microdeform, H, UIUTNA, MW, Thomas Perrodin and more...

12.04.2014 Noise=Noise, Regents studios, London UK wt Ryan Jordan, Ampersand, Cabiria, Graham Dunning and more...

11.04.2014 MKII, London UK wt MF Rockhausen, Xenopoetics

24.03.2014 Espace Noire, St Imier, Switzerland H.U.M. / Donald Suck improv-mega-jam

22.03.2014 Le Pantin, Chaud de Fond, Switzerland wt H, UIUTNA, MW, 'B.H.U.M.'

 Photo by Leo Wagner