Korè Kosmou is the title of one of the earliest Hermetic writings, in which are explained the origins of the Universe, and its composition by the four elements of Water, Earth, Fire and Air.

Korè Kosmou means literally the "Virgin of the Cosmos", the divine impersonation of Nature. The greek word “korè” also means "pupil of the eye" and with this cryptic suggestion, the meaning of these writings is left to interpretation: nature is the core of the universe, the beautiful and perfectly Feminine Principle, all-seeing Deity and “Mother of Invention”. 

Koré Kosmou is a live video and audio installation featuring artwork by Conny Prantera and live music by Mark Wagner (and guests.)  


17+18.08.2013 Woolf Music Festival, Wiltshire, UK 48h immersive installation set with guests, Deej Dhariwal, Bare Bones, Lay Low, Vanessa Arn, H, James Shearman, Uiutna...

21.03.2013 St Margarets café & chapel, London, UK Kore' Kosmou feat. Mark Wagner, Rob Truscott, Zoo, wt Warp Drive by Marianne Walker and Flight, Whether or not you wear your hat by Terry Burrows.

04.01.2013 Hangar tattoo studio, Rome, IT Kore Kosmou feat. Mark Wagner & Estasy

26.10.2012 Victoria & Albert Museum, London UK Kore' Kosmou feat. Mark Wagner & Estasy

04.03.2012 Grosvenor, London, UK Kore' Kosmou all day installation feat. Mark Wagner, Estasy, Christos Fanaras, Alexander Tucker, Bridget Hayden

30+31.05.2011 Supersonic festival, Birmingham, UK Kore' Kosmou 2 day installation feat. Mark Wagner and guest Alexander Tucker