We are RA

We channel the Law of One through the medium of Creative Enlightenment of the vibratory sound complexes of mind/body/spirit.  Our sessions towards Ascension have the function of uniting the involved members or polarities, insiders and outsiders, positive and negative, with the purpose of heightening the vibratory rates of the mind/body/spirit complexes in order to transcend between planes of existence. 

 Thus we multiply possibilities and potential beyond the mind distortions of time, furthering cycles anew, playing for continuous periods with visuals as catalyst. We harness strategic astrological/nominal alignments as well as environments that facilitate the vibratory flows of energy and sound such as large sites, temples, and structures, vaulted or arched ceilings, pyramid or dome structures and favouring on the ground, central, circular layouts in accordance to context and maximising projected visual immersion.  We utilise Sonics and Rhythm, embracing symbolism through visuals and costumes, smoke and mirror, surpassing tricks of mind and identity in an effort to transcend the limitations of self, creating instead for the Infinite Creation. Thus we are a vibratory sound complex of varying numbers, degrees and members channeling the Law of One.

We are RA



21/06/2018 SOL RA, London, TBD

20.03.2015 As Above, So Below, St John the Baptiste church + crypt, Bristol, UK

01.01.2014 Cycles & Revolutions, Round Chapel, London, UK 

21.06.2013 Moon Rome, Forte Prenestino, Rome, Italy

25.05.2013 Many Moons, Corbridge warehouse, London, UK

26.04.2013 Second Moon, St Thomas a Becket, Kent UK

21.12.2012 A Session towards Ascension, Round Chapel, church room, London, UK 

photo by Brian Whar