S&M is the core combo of Sanna Charles & Mark Wagner.

Formerly known as Sunday Mourning they changed their name in 2012 to mark a rebirth, moving into a more open ended creative entity that multiplies creative approaches, mediums, formats and collaborations like the bizarre BLACK ABBA 'supergroup' with Alexander Tucker and Olly Pearson of Doom band Moss.

In 2013 they released SHA⋅MAN a book of photography and 10" record on Ditto Press. 


Photo by Elyssa Iona


06 - 08.07.2014 Supernormal, Oxfordshire, UK, S&M presents... Cymagick (demo + exhibition)

23.04.2014 'How to be a cult leader' London UK wt Asterism and more

04.10.2013 The Lexington, London UK wt Chrome Hoof

29.11.2013 The Unicorn, London UK

12.09.2013 MKII, London UK SHA.MAN book launch

26.07.2013 Windmill, London with Palehorse, Cove

11.07.2013 Bannerman's, Edinburgh UK wt Horse Latitudes, Spire & Throne

08+09.07.2013 The Mill, Manchester UK in residency with Horse Latitudes

07.07.2013 Norwich, UK wt Horse Latitudes, Consecration

06.07.2013 Fighting Cocks, Kingston UK wt Horse Latitudes, Bast

05.07.2013 The Unicorn, London, UK wt Horse Latitudes, Consecration

28.03.2013 The Alibi, London, UK 

20.03.2013 The Black Heart, London UK wt Monarch, Undersmile

09.03.2014 Black Impulse, NTS Radio, London UK

17.10.2012 Bohemia, London UK wt Clifford Taurus, Tin Tone Army

21.08.2012 Supersonic festival, Birmingham UK S&M + Estasy + Conny Prantera

17.08.2012 Black Heart, London UK wt Prosperina, Thorun

04.06.2012 The stag's head, London UK wt Bad Guys, Fabulous Penetrators

23.05.2012 Apiary studio, London UK 'Shadows & Light' (installation set with lights by Marko Righo)

17.05.2012 Ryan's bar, London UK wt Mental Hell, Pig Hunters 

07.03.2012 Jackalope, London UK S&M + Estasy wt Hills have Riffs

28.12.2011 Black Heart, London UK wt Moss, Throne

14.10.2011 St Mary's church, London UK wt Bong, Mysterium, David O'petit

24.09.2011 Bohemia, London UK wt Hills have Riffs, Christos Fanaras, Brother JT

14.08.2011 Yes Way festival, London UK as Black Abba (S&M, Alexander Tucker, Olly Moss)

22.07.2011 Woodland Gathering, Cumbria, UK wt Bong, Gnod, Z'ev, Skullflower and many more

01.07.2011 The Victoria, London, UK wt Bad Guys, Cove

05.06.2011 The Croft, Bristol, UK wt Big Naturals, Family Elan

30.05.2011 CAMP, London, UK 'Black Abba' (S&M + Alexander Tucker + Olly Moss), wt Haxan Cloak and more

19.04.2011 CAMP, London, UK wt Liturgy, Matt Loveridge

18.12.2010 Rocket / Noisestar party London, UK wt Gnod, Thought Forms, One Unique Signal, Hey Colossus and more

06.11.2010 The Marquee, Norwich, UK wt Consecration, Decrepid, Tetragramaton

17.09.2010 Cantine de Belleville, Paris, FRANCE wt Gunslingers

16.09.2010 Machines a coudres, Marseille, wt David OPP

22.08.2010 Supernormal festival, Oxfordshire UK wt Faust, Thought Forms, Bong, Gnod, Alexander Tucker, Big Naturals, Fuck knuckles and more

02.07.2010 St Mary's church wt Estasy, TIME, Haxan Cloak

12.06.2010 El Paso's basement, London UK wt Teeth of the Sea

13.05.2010 New Cross Inn, London, UK wt Merrin, Miss Cosmos

30.01.2010 MKII, London, UK wt Gum Takes Tooth, Dethscalator, Death to the King, Arar

19.10.2009 Spirit of Gravity, Brighton, UK wt Ryan Jordan, Gus Powell

11.10.2009 Coco666, Brooklyn NYC wt Hidden Ratio, Tara Jane O'Neil

Photo by Elyssa Iona