The cosmic convergence of Alex P. Macarte (AHRKH, GNOD) and Mark Wagner (MOON RA, H.U.M)

In a meeting of minds and Spirit AHRKH WAGNER explore the aural / astral panorama and ultra dimensional transportation via sound, conjuring star-gates, voidness and vibratory atmospheres for magical celebrations of the universe and beyond…

AHRKH WAGNER's respective journeys and practices have led them to create soundtracks for holistic and ceremonial healing forms, working alongside sufis, shamans, dervishes, yoga practitioners and sound healers in an ongoing series and body of work entitled 'Music for Meditations'.





24.03.2017: Ace Hotel, London: Music for Yogas

02.10.2016: Islington Mill, Manchester: Music for Meditation feat. Lani Rocillo

07.08.2016: Supernormal Festival, Oxfordshire: Music for Meditation feat. Lani Rocillo

17.11.2015: Chameleon Arts Center, Nottingham 

16.11.2015: Islington Mill, Manchester

15.11.2015: Preston, Mad Ferret

14.11.2015: Shacklewell Arms, London

13.11.2015: Reading, Readipop studios

12.11.2015: Bristol, The Griffin

11.11.2015: APIARY, London:

photo by Elyssa Iona