Cymagick describes a practice consisting of : study of Vibratory Phenomena, Mystical Experience and Creative Expression.

The term is derived from Cymatics – the science of visualisation of sound, and is composed of the words Kyma which is Greek for wave and magick. Cymagick is insight into the vibratory nature of all things and shows some of the mesmerising invisible correlations between worlds seen and unseen. It bears profound metaphysical implications which  often provoke strong physical, mental and spiritual effects in the manipulator and spectator alike…

Cymagick is also an illustrated book self published on ARK editions



24-29.10.2016 Ilsington Mill, Manchester, UK Cymatics and CHOSEN FREQUENCIES residency.

12.12.2015 Oxo Tower, London, experiential art. 

18.09.2015 Triyoga, London Cymagick talk & demo

17.09.2015 Patternity, London Cymagick performance

10.06.2015 Breaking Convention conference, London, UK wt Gnod

06.12.2014 Music of the Spheres, Poetry Cafe, Covent Garden, London wt Khaled Hakim

05.12.2014 38 Hoe St. Walthamstow, London Cymagick workshop and performance wt Khaled Hakim

30.11.2014 Apiary Studio, London. Cymagick demo wt Dreamachine workshop, Prolonged Version, Sonic Rituals, Graham Dunning, H.U.M., Mai Mai Mai, Cementimental, Simon Wildrfid.

14.11.2014 Monstre Festival, L'usine, Geneva, Switzerland wt ZamZam Caravan, Tecla, Donald Suck, Mysth, Catapulta, Tipex and many more...

02.11.2014 MKII, London, UK VHS ESP, New Sound Collective, 'In the Headland' 

11.10.2014 Hand of Glory, London UK

13.09.2014 The Castle, London UK wt Ongepast, Cementimental, Nathan Kelly, Musica Dispersa, Ashtoreth

07.09.2014 The Island, Bristol UK wt ZamZam - NoiseesioN featuring 'Numerous Mysterious Players'

06.09.2014 Cymatic demo, The Exchange, Bristol UK wt ZamZam record fare

08/09/10.08.2014 Supernormal Festival, Oxfordshire UK featuring Graham Dunning, Sam Weaver wt XXX Tippexx :-)**, Form Contents, and more

16.07.2014 Pura Vida Social Club, London UK featuring Lani Roccillo

06.06.2014 Apiary Studios, London UK wt Masters, Elephant House, Mark Dicker

05.06.2014 MKII, London wt Agathe Max, Alexander Tucker, LRAO 

Photos by Elyssa Iona