Mark Wagner's music is a portal for deep introspection, ecstatic melancholy and clairvoyance. Oscillating between electronics and traditional instruments like the piano and organ, he creates a contemplative soundtrack for emotional transcendence. He has released music on zamzamrec and Adaadaat and his metaphysical visions have led him to work with frequency, resonance and sound as universal principle. His Mystical practice is indissociable from his art which also takes the form of ceremonies, ritual, philosophy, dance, multimedia, sensory and immersive performance and installations, as well as countless collaborations...


Mental Transmutation Music

CHOSEN FREQUENCIES (for the Body, Mind, Spirit)



28/04/2018: 24h Drone, Basilica Hudson, NY, USA. Mark Wagner, SON OF THE SUN.

21-25/03/2018: DAF Festival, Geneva, Switzerland: Mark Wagner 528Hz performance, conference on the Mysticism of Sound and presentation of 33Hz Sonic Orgasm interactive installation.

11/03/2018: Rocket 20th Anniversary, The Garage, London: 'Nothing' collaboration with Ayn Sof

13+14/10/2017: (Re)-Consecration: St John's Bethnal Green, London, Mark Wagner (live church organ composition) wt Choir of the Seer, Rituals of Rhythym, Breathing Space

02/07/2017: FarmFest Rickmansworth, UK: Mark & Mitra Zadno with Whirling Dervishes

05.02.2016 MKII, London, Max Wagner (Agathe Max & Mark Wagner) wt Cantenac Dagar, Murmurists, Michael Ormiston & Candida Valentino

08.01.2016 New River Studios, London, MW: 'Silence is Gold' wt Deej Dhariwal, Max Turner, Tom Wheatley, Hug Roux Law

17.10.2015 Resonance FM, Radio, Mark Wagner performs SON RISE

15.10.2015 New River Studios, London MW wt Head of Wantastiquet, Woven Skull

25.09.2015 St John at Bethnal Green church, London Mark Wagner presents SON RISE for piano and voice

18.09.2015 New River studios, Manor House, London MW wt Listen Lisse, Drones 4 U, Kamura Oscura

30.07.2015 New River studios, Manor House, London, AHRKH WAGNER (AHRKH + MW) wt Christos Fanaras, Angle Grinder and more...

28.07.2015 Ryan's Bar, London W.W.S.  (Wheatley, Wagner, Shearman) with Futuro de Hierro, Cody Noon, Mureed, Mu

26.07.2015 St Leonard's church, London Mark Wagner (piano and poetry set) 

17.07.2015 MKII, London MW aka 'St Pilgrim' wt Melmann - DM, Ear Cinema, Blood Maths, Cityfrot

07.07.2015 Attic, London MW wt Christos Fanaras, Maurizio Vitale

19.06.2015 MKII, London, MW wt Jealousy Party, Sandra K and Tom Tlalim, Cao, Artur Vidal

19.05.2015 ZamZam + Tesla all dayer, Apiary, London, UK MW wt Negra Branca, Raikes Parade, Uiutna, H, Dwellings & Druss, AHRKH, Sam Weaver, Cementimental etc.

28.03.2015 ZAMZAMZONE, Bristol, UK Grand opening MW wt Agathe Max, Salope and more TBC

27.03.2015 MKII, London, UK Mark Wagner & Christiana Kazakou: 'TIME" wt Raxil4 & Christopher Elderwood, Wajid Yaseen, Usaginingen

19.03.2015 Apiary studios, London, UK wt H, Dwellings & Druss, Negra Branca, Raikes Parade, Uiutna, Cementimental, AHRKH, Sam Weaver 

12.03.2015 Power Lunches, MW wt Rudolf E.ber, Evil Moisture, Prolonged version

07.12.2014 MKII, London, UK: Mark & Sal's thoughtography wt Rummaging, Leslee Deere, Flange Zoo, AAS, Cullllt, Uru Ana and more...

06.11.2014 Power Lunches, London, UK: New Sound Collective & Mark Wagner with John Wall, Graham Dunning & Gary Fisher, Tom Mudd 

04.11.2014 MKII, London, UK: New Sound Collective & Mark Wagner, wt VHS ESP, Cymagick, In the Headland

25.09.2014 MKII, London UK : SHÆMÆN (MW & Lani Roccillo) wt DP, C. W. Law, µ

13.09.2014 The Castle, London UK Cymagick wt Ongepast, Cementimental, Nathan Kelly, Musica Dispersa, Ashtoreth

10.09.2014 MKII, London UK Mark Wagner (piano set) wt Ashtoreth / TCH, Amiiin G, James Shearman

07.09.2014 The Island, Bristol MW wt  XXX Tipexxx, Raxil 4, His Nameless is Legion, H, Uiutna, MXLX, Cementimental, Ocean Floor, Sweat tongue and more.....

16.07.2014 Pura Vida Social Club, London Cymagick featuring Lani Roccillo

30.05.2014 The McBeth, London, MW wt Lightning Glove, Gnod

11.05.2014 Apiary studios, London  H + MW wt Bruzgynai, Ewa Justka, Singing

23.04.2014 'How to be a cult leader' London wt Asterism and more

04.10.2013 The Lexington, London UK wt Chrome Hoof

20.04.2014 MKII, London UK Re.birth all dayer MW wt The Anima, St Moritzz, Artur Vidal, Organ Octet, Asterism, Joseph Lewis, Dust Museum of Joy, Daba Pruft, Black Lagoya

13.04.2014 Apiary studios, London UK ZamZam all-dayer. Mark Wagner Mental Transmutation release 3h30 set featuring James Shearman, Rob Truscott, Jayna Cavendish visuals Elyssa Iona

11.04.2014 MKII, London wt MF Rockhausen, Xenopoetics

04.04.2014 MKII, London MW wt TCH, Mytrip, Colossloth, Prolonged Version

27.03.2014 Tin Tabernacle, London Mark Wagner (Organ set) + visuals by Elyssa Iona wt Raxil 4, Luke Jordan, His nameless is Legion, James Shearman, Robbie Judkins + Tasos Stamou and more...

25.03.2014 Car park, Lyon France MW wt Agathe Max, H, UIUTNA

 16.01.2014 MKII, London MW In-finity installation (visuals by Elyssa Iona) wt Wajid Yasseen, Pablo Sanz, Juan Carlos Vasquez

12.01.2014 MKII, London MW improvisations with Raxil 4, Tim Holehouse, Robbie Judkins, Tasos Stamou

17.11.2013 Lumiere, London MW wt Moonbow, Brownie Promise

02/11/2013 MKII, London MW wt Alex Monk, So like Dorian, Berain

25.10.2013 Vibe gallery, Deptford, London MW wt Vaelium, Brownie Promise, Raxil 4, His Nameless is Legion and more...

04.10.2013 The Lexington, London S&M wt Chrome Hoof

22.09.2013 FAG studios, Bristol MW wt Blackhoods, Joinedbythewire, Microdeform, Salope, Malcom Julian Swan

14.09.2013 - 18.09.2013 MKII, London UK SHA.MAN book launch, 4 day installation / set featuring MW & guests: Sam Barton, Rob RAs, H ZamZam, Christos & Shenggy

13.09.2013 Hoxton bar & grill London, UK MW + Christos Fanaras live soundtrack for Alexandra Grover show

22.08.2013 The Victoria, London UK MW  wt His nameless is Legion, Raxil 4, Left hand cuts off right

21.08.2013 MKII, London UK wt Chicaloyoh, Bear Bones, Lay Low

17+18.08.2013 Woolf Music festival, Wiltshire UK 'Korē Kosmou' Mark Wagner &  Conny Prantera. 48h installation set featuring guests James Shearman, Bear Bones, Lay Low, Vanessa Arn, Deej Dhariwal, H, Uiutna, Microdeform 

08.07.2012 Bohemia, London UK MW + Christos Fanaras wt Man from Uranus, Tonesucker, Flight

05.07.2012 Wapping projects, London, UK "Barbara" (Mark Wagner + Oli Don 3h set) installation by Emer O' Brien

16.04.2011 Red Gallery, London UK Mark Wagner + Estasy

26.02.2011 Muzak Club, Rome, IT (Mark Wagner + Estasy)

26.08.2008 Utrophia / CWMBCK, Farm Wales festival MW wt Gum Takes Tooth,Pseudo Nippon, Mon Fio,  Krull, many more

25.10.09 Bruar Falls, Brooklyn, USA **K (MW) wt Smiley's speakeasy

14.10.09 Nightlight, North Carolina, USA **K (MW) wt work day / school night

19.09.2009 Catch 22, London UK **K (MW) with Quatermass experiments, Gyratory system

08.09.09 MKII, London, UK MW wt Alexander Tucker, Oh Ruin, Duke Garwood, She Keeps Beers, Jonathan Richards and more...

05.01.2009 MKII, London UK **K (MW) wt David Opp, Pierre Chiffon, I.C.

19.12.2009 Elevator Gallery UK **K (MW) wt Gum Takes Tooth, Sculpture, Pseudo Nippon

07.11.2008 Hokaben festival, London UK **K (MW) wt Team Brick, Hey Colossus, Acid Mothers Temple, Kid 606, Dethscalator and more

05.12.08 Visions, London UK **K (MW) wt Publicist

27.09.2008 Flea Pit, London UK **K (MW) wt Teeth of the Sea

30.11.2007 Lorimer Warehouse, Brooklyn NYC **K (MW) wt Magdyn Osh, Devin Dirt, Odd Fellow

28.11.2007 Club Midway Brooklyn, USA **K (MW) wt Hidden Ratio

23.11.2007 Lit Lounge, NYC, USA **K (MW)

27.10.2007 Tottenham warehouse, **K (MW) wt Dirty Snow

04.06.2007 McBeth, London, UK **K (MW) wt Rival Consoles

08.11.2006 Niagra, Brooklyn, USA **K (MW) wt Anvil, Dykehouse

11.10.06 Lorimer warehouse, Brooklyn USA **K (MW) wt Optic and more

Photo Danielle Levitt